Ann Harikeerthan

I'm a doctor-turned-writer and poet from India. I write about hurt and the healing journey, high sensitivity and my experiences as a writer. You'll find my work at Highly Sensitive Refuge, Introvert Dear, Pippa Rann Books and Our Daily Bread.

Writer - Doctor - Coach

Ann Harikeerthan

Write the Real You

Join us on a journey of self-discovery that will help you internalise your strengths,
heal inner wounds, and empower you to tell your inspiring stories.

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What do we do when we're hurt?
How do we deal with an overwhelming world as Highly Sensitive People?
What is it like to be a writer?
Find answers to those questions and more.

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What People Say About Me:

"Ann is a promising author, sincerely committed to the art of writing"
Valson Thampu
Author, Retired Principal of St. Stephen’s College, Delhi.
"Your writing is sensitive and perceptive, and helps people in their journey to inner healing. So it is a privilege to have you as a Columnist for Pippa Rann Books"
Prabhu Guptara
Publisher, Pippa Rann Books
"It has been a privilege to read your writing, Ann. I’m so pleased you remain committed to your craft!"
Hannah Vincent
Author & Playwright
"You are a wonderful person, a talented writer and a pleasure to work with."
Rebekah Vijayan
Editor, Our Daily Bread India
Ann Harikeerthan