Where does healing come from?

Where Does Healing Come From? An article by Ann Harikeerthan published at Pippa Rann Books

Our bodies, minds and environments are self-healing systems. They heal themselves. It’s magical. But have you ever wondered where this capacity comes from? Is the fountain of health within us or external to us? In my article for Pippa Rann Books, I’ve explored this question further. “It seems to both bubble out from within and […]

Healing as Reclaiming Our Humanity

Healing as reclaiming our humanity

What does healing mean to you? Inspired by Paulo Freire, I see it as reclaiming our humanity… When we are hurt, we begin to feel a little less like ourselves. We internalise what the world says to us: that we are “too much” or need to “tone it down a bit”. In response, we retreat […]

The Pressure To Be ‘The Best’ or ‘Number 1’

How Sensitive People Can Deal With the Pressure They Put on Themselves to Be ‘the Best’ - an article by Ann Harikeerthan, published at Introvert, Dear.

For over two decades, I held on to an unrealistic goal to be “the best” writer in the world. Why? Because I thought that if I’m the best, I will be accepted by the people around me. I didn’t know what I meant by “the best”. So, I defined it using impractical standards that I […]

Hope: The Linchpin of Change

Hope: The Linchpin of Change, an article by Ann Harikeerthan for Pippa Rann Books

I used to think that if I always expected the worst in every situation, I will never be disappointed. If by chance, something good happened, I would be happily surprised. If only bad things happened, it would be exactly what I expected. It felt like a good way to think. So, I never allowed myself […]

This Is Why You Absorb Other People’s Emotions

This is Why You Absorb Other People's Emotions, According to Science - an article by Ann Harikeerthan for Highly Sensitive Refuge

Have you ever found yourself feeling sad without reason? Such unexplained emotions may not be your emotions at all. We, humans, tend to absorb other people’s emotions. We take in the energy and emotions that are around us. And, then, we sometimes forget that they came from outside of us, and carry them as if […]

How to Overcome Your Fears as an HSP

How to Overcome Your Fears as an HSP, an article by Ann Harikeerthan for Highly Sensitive Refuge.

Popular opinion is that sensitive people are more afraid. In fact, I’ve heard a counsellor say “sensitive is just unsorted phobia.” However, this isn’t quite accurate. Sensitive people are NOT more afraid than others. They just like to analyse their fears more carefully. Rather than jump into something new or dangerous, they think about whether […]