6 Reason Not to Compare Suffering

The article “6 Reasons Not to Compare Suffering as an HSP – And What to Do Instead” was published at Highly Sensitive refuge on 13 July, 2022.

When you hear of some one else’s misfortunes, do you think of how you’ve had it easier or worse? Or when you’re going through something difficult, do you compare your situation with others’ and think you have nothing to complain about? We all compare suffering.

But is it healthy?

In this article published at Highly Sensitive Refuge, I narrate a story of how I compared my pain with someone else’s. Doing so made me feel worse…

“Even as the words were leaving my lips, I thought of how insignificant my migraine was in comparison to the disease that she had just conquered — cancer.”

I then explore 6 reasons why it might not be such a great idea to compare suffering.

Finally, I suggest that instead of comparing suffering, we can learn to sit with the people (ourselves or others) who are suffering, listen to their experiences, empathise with them and offer support and encouragement.

6 Reasons Not to Compare Suffering as Highly Sensitive People