Healing as Reclaiming Our Humanity

What does healing mean to you? Inspired by Paulo Freire, I see it as reclaiming our humanity…

When we are hurt, we begin to feel a little less like ourselves. We internalise what the world says to us: that we are “too much” or need to “tone it down a bit”.

In response, we retreat into a shell and begin to doubt whether we should ever emerge as ourselves again.

In this way, suffering (physical, psychological or spiritual) suppresses our individuality.

Healing, however, does the opposite.

It allows us to hope.

When we heal, we rediscover ourselves.

We take ownership of our uniqueness.

We allow our individuality to shine in all its brightness once more.


This, by the way, is also the vision of our writing community, Write the Real You.

Our aim is to help people introspect so that they can understand themselves better, own their experiences and retell their stories in the most empowering way possible.

If you’d like to heal through the wisdom of your own words, you might really enjoy writing with us.


To read more about how how I came to see healing as reclaiming our humanity, check out my article published at Pippa Rann Books.

Healing as reclaiming our humanity