Why Sensitive People Search for Meaning in Suffering

Suffering is universal.
We all suffer in our own ways. We experience disappointments. We are rejected by those whose appreciation we want. We lose people we love. We tussle with our emotions, feel isolated at times, and struggle to find our way back to normalcy.
When we suffer, it often feels completely meaningless. And the cliché “everything happens for a reason” irritates us.
Nevertheless, we still ask the question, “Why?”
Why did it happen?
Why to me?
Why did the Divine Being allow it?
This search for meaning in our sorrows (inspired by Viktor Frankl, of course) is what I’ve written about in my article, “Why Sensitive People Search for Meaning in Suffering” for Highly Sensitive Refuge.
Why sensitive people search for meaning in suffering, an article by Ann Harikeerthan published at Highly Sensitive Refuge.