This Is Why You Absorb Other People’s Emotions

Have you ever found yourself feeling sad without reason? Such unexplained emotions may not be your emotions at all. We, humans, tend to absorb other people’s emotions.
We take in the energy and emotions that are around us. And, then, we sometimes forget that they came from outside of us, and carry them as if they were our own instead.
In my article “This Is Why You Absorb Other People’s Emotions” published at Highly Sensitive Refuge, I explain the science behind why we internalise other people’s emotions.
We don’t have to hold on to those emotions. But how do we let them go and and find our way back to our reality? Read the article to find out…
This is Why You Absorb Other People's Emotions, According to Science - an article by Ann Harikeerthan for Highly Sensitive Refuge