Second Act: Writing After Retirement

Second Act: Writing After Retirement By Joyce A. Miller Write the Real You

After working for over thirty years as a mechanical designer at a nuclear physics laboratory, I was ready for a change. I wanted to do something after my retirement to continue to give my life purpose. I didn’t want to just sit around the house reading books all day, or join a bridge club, or […]

5 Tips To Help Neurodivergent Writers Finish A Project

5 tips for neurodivergent authors. Write the Real You

If you have ADHD, are autistic, or are otherwise neurodivergent, you might have tried and failed to write a book many times. Neurodivergent writers are often very creative and enthusiastic about new ideas, but sometimes have a hard time choosing an idea or sticking with one project until it’s finished. If this is something you’ve […]

5 Fears that Stop Writers from Sharing Their Work

5 fears that stop us from sharing: judgment, rejection, being wrong, vulnerability, being unqualified. Write the Real You

Sometimes, we writers write a lot but we don’t share what we write with anyone. It might be because it is private and we wrote it only for ourselves. But it might also be because we’re afraid of sharing it. Our fears hold us back. What we write has the potential to help others heal […]

Writing When Inspiration Won’t Come

Write the Real You. Writing When Inspiration Won't Come. Ann Harikeerthan. The background picture is multiple balls of crumpled paper.

One of the challenges we face as writers is getting started. We don’t always feel like writing. The inspiration isn’t there. When I was a new writer, I was in this state a lot. I didn’t feel inspired. Convinced that nothing great can come out of uninspired work, I refused to start. That meant very […]