Learn to share your story and its message like only you can…

Writing Without Fear

Writers world over battle with fears around writing. ‘Who am I to talk?’ ‘What if people I love get hurt?’ ‘What if people want to harm me?’ ‘What if people judge me or my writing?’
These fears often cause us to despair, procrastinate and hide our true message. In this course, we address those fears with gentleness and learn to write without fear.

Real You Masterclass Series

This is the core content of our writing framework where we dig deeper into who we are, what our message to the mankind is, who our audience and clients are and what our work contributes to the world. From that space of continuous growth and revelation, we write our stories to teach the people who follow us. Our goal is to be as authentic as possible knowing that our real selves and our experiences are our strongest assets.

The Craft of Writing

Learn the craft of writing from these teaching sessions and writing workshops. Learn to write compelling content in the form of stories and questions. Learn the art of the personal essay and promoting your work through storytelling. Learn to speak and perform your truth through different media and artforms.

I already have seen incredible responses from my audience that truly loves the content I am now able to share with ease. Highly recommend working with Ann. She is magic!

— Antje Firla, Energy Healer

I was totally new to selling with social media or talking about my business on social media. With Ann’s help, I was able to have that consistent social media presence and begin creating my offers and offering them and I just cannot recommend it enough.

— Jack A Ori, Author and Writing Coach