Medical Writing and Editing

Designed to help the busy researcher or practitioner, these services are top-notch and come with personal, premium care.

You have been very prompt and your edits are very helpful. Thank you very much! I would need your help in editing couple (more) papers. I sincerely hope that you will be able to spare some time. 

George M Varghese, Head of the Department, Infectious Diseases, CMC Vellore.

An introduction to me, your writer and editor:

I am a doctor from India. I studied Bachelors of Medicine and Bachelors of Surgery (MBBS) from Christian Medical College (CMC), Vellore. CMC has always ranked among the top three medical colleges in India, frequenting No.1 very often.

In order to write your papers better, I completed a short course in biostatistics and epidemiology (also from CMC), and a two-year programme in writing from New Writing South, Brighton, United Kingdom.

I’ve worked as a freelance editor for 3 years with experience working with researchers and doctors both from India and abroad.

Hire me to write your Research Paper

When you hire me to write a research paper for you, I will need a list of the literature you have in mind, your paper outline (which we will discuss over virtual meetings), details of your methodology, results and inferences drawn.

Once written, it will be returned to you for checking.

With your suggested changes, I will edit your article and format it for submission in your chosen journal.

Submissions are your responsibility, however any editorial changes suggested by the journal editor can be sent to me for further editing at a subsided cost, which will be applicable to all edits on that respective paper.

This service costs a flat price of $ 580. Additional edits cost $ 80 per round for the entire paper.

Hire me to write your other papers:

You can also hire me to write other kinds of content. For this, I will need a list of the literature if any that you have in mind and your paper outline (which we will discuss over virtual meetings).

Once written, you will be requested to check the paper. With your suggested changes, I will edit your paper further and format it for publication in your chosen outlet.

Submissions and publication are your responsibility and not covered by this service.

This service starts at $ 179 per 1000 words.

Hire me to edit your content

Good editing for structure, logic and flow. Careful editing that reflected my meaning and instructions. Good assessment of my research paper. Good editing for language and grammar.

Be it for academicians and professionals or for the lay person, you can hire me to get a thorough edit done. This includes

  • Proof-reading,
  • A detailed review of your work including checking if the inferences made are appropriate,
  • Developmental editing with suggestions on how to make the text read smoother and clearer for the appropriate reader,
  • Plagiarism checking, and
  • Formatting for publication in your chosen outlet.
  • Word count reduction of up to 10% the original number of words.

This service costs $ 85 per 1000 words.
Word Count reduction of over 10% the original number of words costs $ 7 per 100 words reduced.

Thank you for your valuable comments. A perfect revise of our manuscript. We hope that the future manuscripts will be revised by you.

Use this form to register for this service. I’ll write back to you within 48 hours with details on the next steps.

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