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Many of the decisions we make in life are based on our personalities, beliefs and circumstances. Sensitive people make decisions that allow them to live peaceful lives in an overwhelming world. We don’t have to blame ourselves for being sensitive or for making choices that nurture our sensitive souls. In

I had been told as a young doctor that I shouldn’t be so sensitive. To be successful, I had to toughen up. Ironically, that suggestion made me embrace the sensitive side of me that I had been ashamed of. Instead of toughening up, I chose to quit clinical medicine and

Highly sensitive people (HSPs) are often told not to be “so sensitive,” to “lighten up,” and to “be more normal.” Such statements make HSPs feel like something is wrong with them. However, sensitive souls, I assure you know that you are not the problem. “HSPs, You Are Not the Problem

Does it ever feel like your groups and communities don’t care about your individual needs and desires? You might be in a “collectivistic” group. Collectivist cultures refer to people groups that believe that the interests of the group are more important than the interest of any one individual. As you

The article “6 Reasons Not to Compare Suffering as an HSP – And What to Do Instead” was published at Highly Sensitive refuge on 13 July, 2022. When you hear of some one else’s misfortunes, do you think of how you’ve had it easier or worse? Or when you’re going