Write the Real You

Turn your Audience into Paying Clients

Using non-icky, super convincing, original content in under one hour a week.

No one knows your business like you do.

No one cares about your business like you do.

No one can write about your business better than you

That means you don’t need a copy writer…

You just need the tools!

Write the Real You

is a three-month long, step-by-step, comprehensive online program designed to get your work seen. 

Who is this programme for?

Business owners

Non-profit organizations



Life writers



What will you get?

Clarity and focus for your business
Learn to love what you do by seeing the big picture
Confidence to talk about your work with anyone
Skills to write powerful content
Engagement and sales from your posts
Strategies to save at least 12 hours every week by planning your content
Tools to save the 1000s of dollars spent outsourcing content
The freedom to speak your truth
A powerful community
Tons of encouragement

Here’s how we’ll do it…

1. Learn


Rediscover You

This includes the signature Rediscover You session where you’ll dig deep into yourself to learn to love who you are

You’ll figure out what drives your business.

You’ll get clear about your purpose, values and personality

You’ll see your value to the world and begin to communicate it.

You’ll learn to use what you find to draw your ideal clients to yourself.

Master Your Message

You’ll figure out what really matters to you and why.

You’ll learn to be true to your message through your writing and your work.

You’ll see how your message to the world marries with your work.

You’ll learn to share your message in stories.

You’ll help change the world.

You’ll encourage your ideal clients to grow.





Guide Your Client

You’ll see where your audience is and understand the journey they need to take.

You’ll learn how you can guide them along that journey.

You’ll learn to help a lot of people get healthy in their mind, body and spirit.

You’ll learn when to give and when to pitch.

You’ll learn where and how to talk about ways to work with you.

You’ll learn tools to help you write incredibly convincing content that nudges your clients to take action.





Sell With Soul

You’ll see the value of what you offer.

You’ll understand why it’s better than anything else out there.

You’ll learn about all it’s true benefits.

You’ll learn how to talk about it without seeming spammy.

You’ll learn to sell ethically.

You’ll learn to craft convincing landing pages, sales posts and direct messages.

You’ll use the right words to encourage your clients to buy from you.


Increase Your Visibility
Expert Training:

You’ll learn to face your fears around being visible.

You’ll learn easy ways to increase your reach from our expert trainers.

You’ll learn about your brand visuals, music and comedy in story-telling, story-telling on Instagram.

You’ll learn the art of being authentic and piece your style together.

Live Q & A

Every week, you’ll have the option of asking me questions as they come up.

You can also get up to 15 minutes of coaching per week.

You will have access to me over messenger if you don’t want to share something within the group.

And you will get 60 minutes of one-to-one coaching during the program.

2. Write

Weekly Live Writing Sessions

You’ll learn to plan content for a week at a time.

You’ll write 5 stories including 3 stories in each workshop to help your business grow.

You’ll be encouraged and kept accountable by friends.

Sustainability Workshop

You’ll learn to keep generating content ideas for yourself.

You’ll learn to repurpose content like a pro.

You’ll learn to use testimonials in many ways.

You’ll learn to find inspiration for yourself.


3. Get Feedback

Feedback and line edits:

You’ll get constant feedback on work you post in the Facebook group.

You’ll also get line edits from a trained editor and copywriter (Ann Harikeerthan) on up to 3000 words of copy to make your content concise and engaging.

I charge 125 USD per session. So to do each session separately, to enjoy the sense of community this program bring and to get feedback and line edits from me would cost you over 3000 USD.

But as part of this program,

You will find a price that works for you

Bid goodbye to sleazy sales, manipulative sales calls, spammy DMs and time consuming content creation.

Say hello to increased brand visibility, getting noticed and making sales.

Learn to write your own incredible copy!

Choose your plan

Write the Real You VIP
  • 8 one-one sessions
  • (use within 6 months of purchase)
  • 6 months of access to:
  • live masterclasses (4 per month),
  • writing workshops (4 per month)
  • And all pre-recorded content.
Pay in 4 Instalments
  • 8 one-one sessions
  • (use within 6 months of purchase)
  • 6 months of access to:
  • live masterclasses (4 per month),
  • writing workshops (4 per month)
  • And all pre-recorded content.
Write the Real You Group (3 instalments)
  • 3 one-one sessions
  • (use within 3 months of purchase).
  • 3 months of access to
  • live masterclasses (4 per month),
  • writing workshops (4 per month).
  • 6 months of access to
  • All pre-recorded content.
Write the Real You Membership
(minimum 3 months)
  • 20-minute coaching every alternate week
  • in group coaching sessions.
  • Monthly access to
  • live masterclasses (4 per month),
  • writing workshops (4 per month).
  • Pre-recorded content.

Here’s what people say about working with me:

I absolutely enjoyed the ‘Write the Real You’ program with Ann on all levels. Ann has such a beautiful energy and is deeply inspiring. I always struggled writing, it’s something I’m dreading, but over the weeks of the program I learned different structures of content writing for myself & my business and I have tons of amazing prompts that will literally keep me going forever. I’m excited to keep practising my new skills and already have seen incredible responses from my audience that truly loved the new content I am now able to share with ease. Highly recommend working with Ann, she is magic!

Antje Firla

The way she asks prompting questions really helped me get past the obstacles I kept finding whenever I tried to write. I went from not having a clue what to write and how, to feeling confident that I can get in touch with my audience using my stories

Jemma Wheatley
Emotional Balance Mentor

Ann you have helped me realize that it very important to share my story and to be a that hope for some one. Your constant encouragement made me start this work. The way you valued me and my message helped me to build up my inner confidence. I strongly believe God has brought you to me and he will use you for many more. Thank you so much Ann for doing what you are doing

Hannah Joshua
Technical Analyst | Mom

I had an amazing 1:1 session with Ann as part of her Write the Real You program. She helped me understand my sales and content strategy and come up with a plan for my social media marketing. I feel a lot less overwhelmed and so much more confident now about moving forward with my plans to help shy/scared people overcome the fear and stand up for causes that are important to them.

Jack A. Ori
Author | Advocacy Coach for Quiet Warriors | Parenting coach

Having attended a training session from Ann, I can whole heartedly recommend her. She is such a wonderful, approachable person, she’s very knowledgeable in her field and she has a relaxed yet expert teaching style. She has a professional and addictive writing style that makes you want to keep reading. I know her program is going to be incredible and you’re going to get SO much from it! And above all that, she’s a genuinely lovely person.

The Self-Doubt Coach