Writing You

Writing You is a premium, invitation-only offer where I dig into, identify, and put into words who YOU are, what you stand for and what your work is about.

Each unit includes two 1-1 sessions. During the first one, ​we will plan your content, tease out your stories and get clear on what the written content will include. The second one will happen after you have received and read the first 800 words of content. It will aim to ensure that the tone and content are what you want.

The final output will be about 4000 words of content​ delivered to you in 30 days. This usually translates to 10 emails or social media posts. 

The first two pieces of content will be sent to you as soon as they are ready in order to ensure that the tone, voice and style used match yours.

On the final output, may also request edits that alter up to 10% of the word count.​

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