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“A great session. This made me think about why I do things in the way that I do. Very useful and interesting.”

Andrea Beck

For a long time, I didn’t know how to get clients. I messaged people I didn’t know, pitched people who didn’t care, and when the results didn’t come, felt terrible about myself.

That was until I realized the power of the personal story.

It’s the good, the bad and the ugly that make us relatable as humans and entrepreneurs. And until people can see the person behind the business, the heart that nourishes the brain, they will not trust or buy from you.

When I learnt this and started sharing my story, I saw my network grow organically and noticed that my clients started approaching me instead of the other way around.

That’s what we’re going to achieve for you through this session as well.

This one-to-one is a 90 minute strategy session you’ll be guided through an introspective journey.

We’ll figure out who you are, what stories to tell and how to draw your ideal client to yourself.

It’s unique to you and works with your soul’s specific calling, which we’ll tune into using the Ikigai framework.

Beginning there, you’ll rediscover:

Your Strengths

Your Purpose

Your Distractions

Your WHY (why you do what you do), and

Your Message (how to present it to others)

It’s a transformative process where a few ‘Aha’ moments are guaranteed.

Based on what we cover, I’ll help you develop a therapeutic writing process that will get you to fall in love with your story.

And for the serious writer, we’ll create a monthly writing/content plan or a launch plan according to what you need

This is a MUST do for entrepreneurs, rebels and dreamers.

Invest $75 into your writing today and prepare to see your world expand.

“A really thought provoking and useful session delivered beautifully. I will definitely be returning to my notes often, especially, when I feel like I am doubting my purpose. A very worthwhile experience.”

Gwensi Lersi

“I really enjoyed this session. It was a great way to bring together some fleeting thoughts and ideas in a really structured, cohesive process. Ann was so lovely and easy to talk to and very encouraging.”

Caris Williams

“Before you did this 1-1 with me I was such a mess. I didn’t know where to focus my energy, trying to do so many seemingly different things at once. BUT THEN the session that I had with you literally helped me find the common thread between everything I’ve been already doing and now I finally understand my purpose in life!”

Shabaneh Razvand

“If you want to get clear on your purpose, if you know you were meant for something else, something more, if you’re feeling a little lost…. you need to speak to Ann.
I completed this session several months ago having felt lost and unsure in my job for years.
Knowing whilst it was a good job, it just didn’t fulfil me like my side of desk stuff working in our LGBT network and as an Inclusion & Diversity rep. I was at risk of redundancy and didn’t know which way to turn.

I had never heard of ikigai before, but had heard people talk about ‘knowing your purpose’. I’d even done a masterclass with an external company through my corporate job which me led to realise I wasn’t living or working to my purpose years ago, but it didn’t really help me pinpoint it to what was my ‘real’ purpose.

With Ann’s guidance, working through this session, I had huge ‘aha’ moments. It totally made sense. It drilled down to what I’m good at, what lights me up, what holds me back, what others have told me, what I dislike, and drilled down to my ‘why’.

If you’re a little lost, ready for the next step, frustrated and don’t know where to go, I cannot recommend Ann more.
She gently eases it out of you over the session so you even come with possible jobs you could do at the end! To gain clarity and perspective book a session with Ann now.”

Teana lynne

“This was a lovely session. And it truly gave me a lot of clarity and helped me prune back a lot of the ignorance that was clouding my vision and helped me choose what it is that is worth focusing on. Highly highly recommend it.”

Christianez Ratna Kiruba
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