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Write the Real You - The Writing Community is a safe space where you can learn to write, heal through therapeutic writing and be heard by showcasing your work

Write the Real You
– The Writing Community

Learn, Heal, Be heard

Through the wisdom of your own words

Ann Harikeerthan, writer, doctor and founder of Write the Real You

When I went through dark moments as a teenager, I wasn’t sure who to share my experiences with.

This was when I embraced writing.

The page has been my closest friend. Listening in eager silence as I vented. Allowing space for me to think through potential solutions. Always patient, accepting and kind.

Today, writing is my vocation. I write for Our Daily Bread and Highly Sensitive Refuge. While I write to empower others, part of me still writes to be heard, to learn and to heal.

— Ann Harikeerthan

Write the Real You is an expansion of this experience.

It aims to be that safe space where you can heal through your own words.

Learn - The first 30 minutes of a Write the Real You Session includes learning about writing.

Writing is a craft we can hone through practice. And like any other craft, there are techniques to create the best pieces of literature. At Write the Real You, you will learn the principles of storytelling,
story structure, pace, non-fiction writing, editing, the art of giving and receiving feedback, pitching to magazines, book structure, writing for business and building a social media presence.

The practice of writing comes with a few challenges. You might wonder where to start, what to write about, and how to build a piece. At Write the Real You, you’ll learn the art of introspection. You’ll learn to detach from the self-criticism and allow the creative side of you to thrive. And with the guided prompts and real-time help you’ll have, you’re sure to write at least one piece per session.

Write - With guided prompts, you will be led to write what's waiting to be expressed.
Heal - As you dive into yourself and retell your stories in ways that empower you, you will find that you have moved along in your healing journey as well.

Writing is therapeutic. It allows us to listen to ourselves, reclaim our space and make a difference in the world. An important component of the membership is learning to retell our stories. When you’re ready, you’ll tell the stories that are buried in you in the most empowering way possible. Don’t worry though, the process of healing at Write the Real You is gentle and I’m right here to hold your hand through it.

What happens after you’ve written something? Does it go on social media or an article or a book? Should you share it at all? These are questions, we’ll help you address. The membership will help you get comfortable with your voice. As a community, we’ll listen to you and encourage you. We’ll also help you deal with mindset blocks and the fear of judgement. Members who have worked with me have gone on to have their work published in books and magazines. They are also more creative than before and comfortable sharing their life, work and ideas with others.

Be heard - The last quarter of our sessions is dedicated to listening to and encouraging each other as we share our work.

The basic structure of the session includes some learning, some writing and some sharing.

You’ll be led with guided prompts to


Understand Yourself Better

Own Your Experiences

Retell Your Stories in Ways that Empower

And Write the Real You

So, Here’s What the membership includes:

1. Weekly Writing Workshops to Help You Introspect, Understand Yourself and Communicate What You Discover

2. Access to the Community on Zoom, Facebook and Messenger

3. Replays of Previous Sessions and Classes

4. Opportunities to Get Coached within the Group Setting

5. Time to Share and Receive Feedback on Your Writing.

The decision to join Ann’s Write The Real You group has been one of the best decisions I have made.
She asks just the right, and sometimes difficult, questions that has helped me understand myself better, giving me an opportunity to identify the problem areas and improve myself.
Her group is a welcoming place, where one can share, learn from each other and grow.

Rachel Jesudasan

I can’t wait to meet you and help you

Write the Real You

Choose your plan

Write the Real You Membership
(minimum 3 months)
  • Up to 15-minute coaching every week
  • in group coaching sessions.
  • Monthly access to
  • 4 live writing workshops
  • Pre-recorded content.
Write the Real You Membership
(Annual Plan)
  • Up to 15-minutes of coaching every week in group coaching sessions
  • 12 months (1 free month) of access to
  • live writing workshops (4 per month)
  • 12 months of access to
  • All pre-recorded content.

Here’s what people say about working with me:

I absolutely enjoyed the ‘Write the Real You’ with Ann on all levels. Ann has such a beautiful energy and is deeply inspiring. I always struggled writing, it’s something I’m dreading, but over the weeks of the program I learned different structures of content writing for myself & my business and I have tons of amazing prompts that will literally keep me going forever. I’m excited to keep practising my new skills and already have seen incredible responses from my audience that truly loved the new content I am now able to share with ease. Highly recommend working with Ann, she is magic!

Antje Firla

The way she asks prompting questions really helped me get past the obstacles I kept finding whenever I tried to write. I went from not having a clue what to write and how, to feeling confident that I can get in touch with my audience using my stories

Jemma Wheatley
Emotional Balance Mentor

Ann you have helped me realize that it very important to share my story and to be a that hope for some one. Your constant encouragement made me start this work. The way you valued me and my message helped me to build up my inner confidence. I strongly believe God has brought you to me and he will use you for many more. Thank you so much Ann for doing what you are doing

Hannah Joshua
Technical Analyst | Mom

I had an amazing 1:1 session with Ann as part of her Write the Real You. She helped me understand my sales and content strategy and come up with a plan for my social media marketing. I feel a lot less overwhelmed and so much more confident now about moving forward with my plans to help shy/scared people overcome the fear and stand up for causes that are important to them.

Jack A. Ori
Author | Advocacy Coach for Quiet Warriors | Parenting coach

Having attended a training session from Ann, I can whole heartedly recommend her. She is such a wonderful, approachable person, she’s very knowledgeable in her field and she has a relaxed yet expert teaching style. She has a professional and addictive writing style that makes you want to keep reading. I know her membership is going to be incredible and you’re going to get SO much from it! And above all that, she’s a genuinely lovely person.

The Self-Doubt Coach

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