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Write the Real You - the Writing Community

“When I went through dark moments as a teenager, I wasn’t sure who to share my experiences with. This was when I embraced writing. 

The page has been my closest friend: Listening in eager silence as I vented, allowing space for me to think through potential solutions, always patient, accepting and kind.

Today, writing is my vocation. I write for Our Daily Bread, Highly Sensitive Refuge, Introvert Dear, and Pippa Rann Books. While I write to empower others, part of me still writes to be heard, to learn and to heal.” – Ann Harikeerthan

Write the Real You is an expansion of this experience.

It aims to be a safe space where you can introspect, understand yourself better, own your experiences and retell your stories in the most empowering way possible. It helps you heal a little through the wisdom of your own words. 

We help you do 4 things so that you can Write the Real You:

1. Introspect: We believe that most of the answers you seek are within you. We’re just here to help you tune in to yourself. We help you by asking you questions that inspire you to think. 

2. Understand Yourself: The more you introspect, the more you will understand yourself. You’ll begin to see more of who you truly are, what matters to you, what you’re good at doing and where you need to grow. 

3. Own Your Experiences: When we think, we are sure to remember difficult things that we have lived through. At Write the Real You, we help you notice your strength, resilience and creativity that helped you take those challenges and build something beautiful with them. 

4. Retell Your Stories: We are the narrators of our experiences. We have the power to talk about what we’ve lived through in ways that empower us or put us down. At Write the Real You, we help you retell your stories such that they build you up and encourage your audience. 

Through it all, and in every session, we offer TONS of encouragement and love.


Is Write the Real You for you?

Write the Real You is for you if you want to write your thoughts down and would like a community of people rooting for you as you do. 

You don’t have to be a writer to join Write the Real You!

Maybe you just want a space to explore your thoughts. If so, Write the Real You is right for you. Some of our writing is aimed at helping us heal. It’s like journaling. The words you write could be for your eyes alone. 

But maybe you also have ideas that you want to share with the world. At Write the Real You, you’ll learn how to keep your audience interested in what you have to say. We can also help you get your writing published and seen. 

Or maybe you want to get word out about the kind of work you’re doing. At Write the Real You, you’ll also learn how to write to promote your work in a gentle and generous way. 

Your Tutors

Ann Harikeerthan - Write the real you coach and tutor

Ann Harikeerthan - Writer, Editor, Doctor

Ginny Hillyer - Writer, Designer

Ginny Hillyer - Writer, Designer

Parminder - Write The Real You
“You're like an archeologist, Ann. You gently brush away the dirt to get to the treasures buried within my mind.”
Parminder Southcott
Confidante & Coach
Moses - Write The Real You
“Without knowing my full history or back story, and without even having a similar experience to relate to, you have just simply accepted and acknowledged the way I feel without judgement. Without judgement you've shown compassion and understanding."
Moses Babb
Writer, Performer, Singer-Songwriter
Caroline - Write the real you
“Ann is a great writing coach. And she's much more than this. She understands good writing and what engages the reader. Then she combines this with fabulous insight into what it is you really want to write about. Thank you Ann for your patience, crafting and clarity.”
Caroline Sherrard
Personal Growth Facilitator & Coach
“I already have seen incredible responses from my audience that truly loves the new content I am now able to share with ease. I highly recommend working with Ann. She is magic.”
Antje Firla
Energy Healer
“Your 1-1 was invaluable to me. I don’t think I could have created my masterclass without you. I had all these things in my head. But you helped me put them together, have a structure and flow well.”
Teanna Lynne

You can work with us at Write the Real You in several ways:

Work with Ann 1-1

Storyboard is a 90-minute one-to-one session.

You can use it to talk about anything you need sorted. It could be to help you get started with writing or to deal with something that’s stopping you from writing. It could be a chat to help you think about who you are and what stories to tell. Or a strategy session to figure out how to draw your ideal client to yourself. Whatever it is, this one-to-one session is a great starting point.


Write the real you group program

Write the Real You Membership

Join the Community:

Writing can feel like a lonely pursuit. But at Write the Real You there’s a community of writers (hobbyists and professionals) meeting, writing and growing together. We meet once a week and talk about storytelling, poetry, writing on social media and writing to heal. Each session, we learn a little, write together and, if we’re up for it, share what we’ve written. In our community we offer gentle feedback and lots and lots of encouragement to nurture the sensitive soul of the writer. You will also get access to a bank of recordings of previous sessions to help you hone your craft.

$35/m - monthly
$385/y - annual (one month free)

Write the Real You 1-1 package

Do Both!:

If you want the best of both worlds, you’ll like the Write the Real You 1-1 package. You’ll get 2 one-to-one sessions per month, the community and all our group sessions. It’s the right offer for you if you feel like you need extra guidance to kick start your creativity, expand your writing repertoire, build your business or heal your mind.

$150/m - monthly
$850 for 6 months ($50 off)
$1700/y - annual ($100 off)

Write the Real You Done-For-You

Full DFY Service:

This is right for you if you are super busy but have lots to say to the world. Ginny & Ann will meet with you one-to-one (once or twice a month), learn what you have to teach, tap into your voice and capture your words and thoughts in written form. Think of it like we’re your editors. You write verbally, we pick out the gold, transcribe it and then polish it for you, adding the necessary graphics and visual elements to make your writing as beautiful and easy to understand as it can be.

$280/m - includes up to 10 pieces of writing or a total of 2000 words and up to 10 graphics or curated pictures to use with your writing.

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